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Aikido has a kyu-dan system similar to other martial arts such as Karate and Judo. The kyu (grade) levels are white or coloured belts and represent new and intermediate level students and the dan (degree) levels are black belts, and represent various advanced practitioner levels. The chart below is the belt system used at the Hiryukan.


A child who obtains a 1st dan in the youth program, will enter the adult program as a 4th kyu. The teacher will assess all other children entering the adult program on an individual basis to determine an appropriate starting level.


Click on a level to see the grading syllabus.



Youth Ranks

Belt Colour

Adult Ranks

Belt Colour

New student (mukyu)



9th  kyu       (kukyu)

 9th kyu


8th kyu        (hachikyu)

 8th kyu




7th kyu        (shichikyu)

 7th kyu






6th kyu        (rokkyu)

 6th kyu


5th kyu        (gokyu)

 5th kyu




4th kyu        (yonkyu)

 4th kyu


3rd kyu        (sankyu)

 3rd kyu




2nd kyu        (nikyu)

 2nd kyu


1st kyu         (ikkyu)

 1st kyu




1st dan         (shodan)

 1st dan


2nd dan        (nidan)



3rd dan         (sandan)



4th dan         (yondan)



5th dan         (godan)



6th dan         (rokudan)



7th dan         (nanadan)



8th dan         (hachidan)



9th dan         (kudan)



10th dan        (judan)