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Stephen Ohlman Sensei

Stephen Ohlman Sensei, Aikido Hiryukan

Stephen Ohlman Sensei is the leading international authority on Aikido as taught by Yoshinkan Aikido master, Tsuneo Ando Sensei, Director of Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu.

Stephen Sensei is a 5th degree black belt in Aikido and has also obtained ranks in Karate and Judo in his over 25-year career as a martial artist.

He spent six years studying in Japan; one enrolled in the 11-month International Instructor Course and five under the direct tutelage of Ando Sensei. His unique experience coupled with his unwavering search for perfection in his technique make him a leading force in the Aikido world – a teacher of the highest caliber from whom everyone can benefit.

As Ando Sensei’s long time senior apprentice, Stephen Sensei honed both his technical and teaching skills. He held a unique position as a Chief Instructor at a dojo in Japan. Given rights reserved exclusively to Japanese teachers, he not only taught but also promoted students in Japan. Eventually, he was chosen as the person to sit on the two-person black belt grading committee alongside Ando  Sensei.

He now resides in Barrie with his family and is the Chief Instructor and Director of Aikido Hiryukan. Hiryukan, Place of the Soaring Dragon, is the name given to his dojo by Ando Sensei.

Stephen Sensei’s achievements are too long to list comprehensively but a few highlights are listed below:

     Promoted to the rank of 5th Dan in Japan in May 2003.

     Asststant Instructor, Demonstration Partner and Interpreter for Ando Sensei during his tour: Toronto and Windsor, Ontario in 1998; Munich, Germany in 1998; Los Angeles, California in 1999; Georgetown, Ontario in 2002.

     Appointed to Shidoin by Ando Sensei and became teacher of Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu's Maihama Branch in Chiba, Japan during 1997-2001.

     Senior Apprentice and Partner for Ando Sensei, Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu's Director 1996-2001.

     Keynote Demonstrator at Meikai University Cultural Festival in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan in 2000.

     Received the top award for best performance at the Urayasu Aikido Embutaikai in Chiba Japan 1997.

     Completion of the 11-month International Instructor Course held concurrently with the Tokyo Riot Police Training course at the Yoshinkan Headquarters 1995-1996.