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Benefits to Studying Aiki-Judo

Jigoro Kano Sensei & Judo
Children & Aiki-Judo
Benefits of Aiki-Judo
Stephen Sensei
Children's Grades
Dojo Etiquette

Aiki-Judo is truly a modern Martial Art based on philosophical principles and traditions adhered to in Aikido and the physical techniques of Judo.
As a form of Martial Art, Aiki-Judo training emphasizes courtesy, respect, discipline, and a ‘never give up’ spirit.

Newaza - Yoko Shiho Gatame



As a method of self-defence it is very effective. It uses throws, hold downs, arm locks and chokes as its main methods of subjugating an attacker. All Aiki-Judo’s movements rely on timing, balance and the correct application of force to be effective. Its techniques are often part of the curriculum for police agencies in Japan.


As a fitness program it encompasses all the aspects of a fitness regime and encourages a healthy lifestyle of its participants.



Aiki-Judo is not a sport but a martial art. Because its physical elements are based on the sport of Judo there is a competitive element used to develop technique. Students learn how to effectively do techniques in a free-style manner.