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Stephen Sensei's 5-dan test:
We would like to welcome Stephen Sensei back from his training trip to Japan. At the end of May 2003, Stephen Sensei went on a 2-week training trip where he trained with Ando Sensei, participated in the 13th Annual Urayasu City Aikido Demonstration and tested for his 5-dan certification.
We are happy to announce that Stephen Sensei successfully graded to 5-dan which makes him the highest ranked Yoshinkan Aikido teacher in Northern and Central Ontario.
Congratulations Sensei!
New programs:
Aikido Hiryukan has added several new programs, in addition to our Regular Adult Aikido:
  • Children's Aikido (5-8yrs.)
  • Children's Aikido (9-12 yrs.)
  • Women's Self-defence (6-week course)
  • Introduction to Aikido in conjunction with the YMCA

Look for other programs offered this fall:

  • YMCA Children Beginner Aikido class (Jan. '04)
  • YMCA Adult Beginner Aikido class (Jan. '04)
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